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Selling your used car can be quite easy as long as you do know how to maximize your chances of selling it. If you have certainly kept your car in good condition and has gone through every scheduled maintenance, then this increases your chances of selling it quickly and for a higher price.

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Compare Residual Values before Purchasing your Used BMW

by Christine Harrell

Understanding the residual value of used cars can help you make buying decisions that can save you a great deal of money down the road. The residual value is the percentage of the manufacturer's original value that a car retains after ownership.

If a particular model of used BMW has a lower residual value than another used BMW model, it may be a sign that there are issues that negatively impact a particular model. The residual value is also based on the level of demand for a particular vehicle, offering insight into how easily you'll be able to sell it.

Residual values are published every year and very useful for used luxury car shoppers to determine the approximate value of particular models. The residual value equation can't consider every factor in determining how well a car will hold its value. For example, an unexpected dive in manufacturer popularity could greatly reduce demand for a particular vehicle although the quality and reliability are still strong.

With a little research about the residual value of various BMW models, you can learn to save yourself headache during ownership as well as money when it's time to resell. If you're in the market for a used BMW, refer to this guide to see how these used luxury cars stack up in terms of residual value.

How today's used BMW models stacked up against other luxury cars in 2005 according to Automotive Lease Guide

Among used luxury cars, the BMW 330 series won the #2 slot in terms of highest residual value (62%). This means that those selling a used BMW 330 will get a higher percentage of the original purchase price than those who purchased just about any other make or model of luxury car. The buyer of the used BMW 330 receives not only a car more likely to retain a high residual value, but a car that holds an overall higher combined value in terms of style and general ownership happiness.

The Mercedes held 3 spots in the top ten with its CLK class (#1 spot at 65%), the E Class (62%), and the SL Class (61%). Other models in the top 10 were the Volvo XC90 (62%), the Infinity G35 (61%), the Land Rover LR3 (61%), the Acura MDX (60%), the Lexus ES 330 (60%), and the Lexus GX 470 (60%). Any of these used luxury cars is a great buy in terms of a high resale value. The lowest ranking car overall in terms of residual value in 2005 was the Dodge Neon with a 26.1% residual value.

How 2005 used BMW's ranked according to Kelley Blue Book

In a recent study published by Kelly Blue book called the "Kelley Blue Book of Residual Values," experts measured the actual value that various cars held over time. In this study, the used BMW 5-Series won a top spot for retained value. Leading with 1st place for its ability to retain value was the BMW Mini Cooper. Kelley Blue Book also forecasted that used BMW models across the board will retain their value best over the next 5 years.

Almost all of the top slots in the overall survey were awarded to luxury vehicles. No matter which type of use luxury car you choose, it's much more likely to retain its value than a non-luxury vehicle. If you're looking for a used luxury car with top grades, the used BMW 330 series, 5-Series, and Mini Cooper are winning choices.

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