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Selling Your Car? Advertise.

Selling your used car can be quite easy as long as you do know how to maximize your chances of selling it. If you have certainly kept your car in good condition and has gone through every scheduled maintenance, then this increases your chances of selling it quickly and for a higher price.

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The Benefits Of Driving A Plug In Hybrid Car

Who would have thought we would have cars already that you plug in to recharge? The new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles also called PHEVs come with an extra battery but you can also charge them by lugging them in to an electrical outlet. The ability to plug in is optional since the car also has a gas engine. There are many economic advantages of these types of hybrids over regular automobiles. You can use the plug-in hybrid regularly on short trips and due to the fact that the gas engine only kicks in when it absolutely has to the fuel efficiency is fantastic. These plug-in hybrids look and operate like regular non-hybrid cars and get this, they can be plugged into a normal 120 volt outlet, so you can recharge it at home or at a parking garage that has electricity available. Most of these cars can travel up to 60 miles on just the charged battery, since this is well beyond the daily roundtrip for most Americans you could drive everyday and never have to use gas! Just keep some fuel in the tank in case you run out of juice.

More than likely you could drive all month long and never have to fill your tank more than once as long as you keep the vehicle charged. Since the plug-in hybrid vehicles use mainly electricity instead of gas they are better for the environment and have much better fuel economy. If you plug the car in every night you can lower harmful emissions by nearly half. This vehicle gives off no bad emissions at all when it is running on electricity only. MSRP for plug-in hybrids are as much as twenty percent more than regular hybrid cars and the reason for this is primarily due to the requirement of a larger battery size.

As the demand and sales for these vehicles increases you will actually see a reduction in price as it becomes cheaper to obtain the batteries because of the larger volume. Even with the higher prices you will save enough in fuel costs in most cases to make up for it if you drive on a daily basis for work or school. According to studies done on product feasibility, it is believed that the plug-in hybrid will be extremely popular as it has been determined that people would generally prefer to charge the cars at home as opposed to having to go to gas stations for fuel. Still, at this point the Big Three of Detroit and other large automakers aren't showing any signs of exuberance over the vehicle and are instead focusing on regular hybrid cars.

Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. Find more about cars and car polish at http://www.ultimatepolish.com

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