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Selling Your Car? Advertise.

Selling your used car can be quite easy as long as you do know how to maximize your chances of selling it. If you have certainly kept your car in good condition and has gone through every scheduled maintenance, then this increases your chances of selling it quickly and for a higher price.

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Routine Car Polishing Gives Your Car a Sprucedup Fresh Look

The basic logic behind car polishing and waxing is to provide the exterior of the car, a protective covering. However, most of us will refuse to give in to this reasoning because for us car polishing is a means of giving our car a cool, tidied-up, glossy look. Cars definitely repay routine car care, scheduled cleaning, waxing and polishing in the form of continued comfortable hassle-free services.

If you are thinking in terms of accomplishing the car polishing job on your own, do not expect the excellence of a professional car detailer. However, abiding the following car polishing tips will give your car a stunning look and keep the common problems such as rusting and corrosion at bay. This will definitely save a lot of unnecessary expenses and promise longevity.Getting down to the real polishing business, the first step to follow will be to give the car a thorough wash. Some car washing soap, some soft towels and high-pressure water-sprinklers or hoses are all that you require for this job. Bathe the car; follow this up with lathering the car-body with a wet towel.

Start with the roof and move downwards, cleaning and rinsing one side at a time. Once you are done, use a high-pressure jet to dislodge every bit of dirt and debris stuck fast to the vehicle's exterior and then wipe the car-body dry, paying extra attention to the metallic fittings and parts.The car headlights need special care as lens clouding (resulting from the impact of UV rays, dust and dirt) limits the amount of light, reducing visibility.This can and will lead to a reduction in night time driving safety as per the Institute of Highway Traffic and Safety. There is now a patented headlight cleaning and repair system that will restore your lenses to like new and at great savings over replacement lenses (please see the link below for more info on this headlight cleaning and repair system) .

Do not forget the windows, the wheels and tires. Clean the windows using some window cleaner. Water and a soft towel should do for the wheels; you can use some spray-on tire shine on the tires to retain the new look and give them a protective covering.

Using surface protecting products on other areas will keep the car in a great condition.Now going ahead with the real car polishing job, you will need some car polish or wax and some soft towels (like diapers or cheesecloth). Before you start, read the instructions on the label for application direction. Apply the polish with a circular motion, allowing it to dry. By the time you cover the entire surface of the car, the wax will have done its job. It is time now that you follow it up with buffing up, removing extra wax.

Your car should, by now, look all spruced-up ? spotlessly clean and glistening, as you saw it at the car dealer's showroom, the first-day.Some additional tips for car polishing are as follows:.

  • Take care never to wash your car in direct sunlight or while the motor is still hot.
  • Never use harsh, abrasive cleansing or waxing agents, as they are most likely to do harm rather than good to your car.
  • Always wash your car polishing stuff with fabric-softener.

.Remember, your car needs gentle care! So, make your car polishing ritual a perfectly gentle program.
.David Maillie is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He holds numerous patents including his recently awarded patent for headlight cleaner, repair and restorer. He can be reached at M.

D.Wholesale: http://www.mdwholesale.com.

By: David Maillie

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